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Nature's Own Wholefood Calcium 200mg Elemental
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Nature's Own
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Product Description

Wholefood Calcium 
30 vegan capsules

Wholefood Calcium is a natural multimineral seaweed product, harvested from Atlantic waters off Ireland’s south-west coast. It is an organic, wholefood product with no additives.

The seaweed which produces Wholefood Calcium is called lithothamnium calcareum. This is a small, red seaweed composed of a whole array of essential nutrients in a highly bioavailable form, including high levels of calcium, magnesium, boron and zinc. The waters from which this seaweed is harvested are some of the cleanest and purest in the world, and hence there is no risk of heavy metals or pollutants.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and the fifth most abundant substance overall. It is absorbed into your body with the help of vitamin D, the best source of vitamin D being sunlight. Almost all of the body's calcium (2-3 pounds) is found in the bones and teeth. 20% of an adult's bone calcium is reabsorbed and replaced every year.

What does it do?

The absorption of calcium takes place in the duodenum (small intestine) and ceases in the lower part of the intestinal tract when food content becomes too alkaline. Like all vitamins and minerals, calcium relies on the presence of other vitamins and minerals to be absorbed.

Calcium and phosphorus work together for healthy bones and teeth; the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the bones is 2.5:1.

Calcium and magnesium work together for cardiovascular health and bone formation. The balance of these two minerals is crucial, and is reflected in their effect on muscles. To function properly, calcium must be accompanied by magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins A, C, D and E.

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium into the body. About 1 hour of sunlight per month on the hands and face has been shown to provide most people with sufficient active vitamin D. Vitamin D works with the parathyroid hormone to regulate the amount of calcium in the blood.

Why might you choose to take extra Calcium?

  • It may help to maintain strong bones and healthy teeth
  • It is involved with keeping your heart beating regularly
  • It may help to metabolise iron in the body
  • It may support your nervous system

Why Nature's Own?

Nature's Own Calcium supplement is in a Wholefood, which means the nutrients will be presented to your body in the same form as they are in food. Wholefood nutrients:

  •  Are significantly better absorbed, longer retained and better used than standard chemical supplements.
  •  Do not need to be taken with food, as they contain all the necessary food factors needed for absorption
  •  Have no known allergic reactions
  •  Are suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Wholefood Calcium carries Organic Trust Certification and is, we believe, the only organic wholefood calcium product you will find on the market. Moreover, each capsule yields 200mg elemental organic calcium plus 74 other trace minerals.

Suggested Intake: 1-2 capsules daily, or take as directed by a practitioner.
Suitable for: Vegetarians, vegans and for people with Candida and yeast sensitivities.
Contraindications: None.
Non-Active Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (capsule shell).
Non GM & Free From: Wheat, yeast, starch, gluten, soy, lactose, added colourings, sweeteners and preservatives. 

Warning: Always read the label and keep out of reach of children.

Any Product sold or supplied by Bodywiseuk.com are not intended for the treatment, prevention and cure of any medical conditions.
Never exceed recommended intake unless professionally advised.

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