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Nourkrin Woman Hair Recovery Programme 3 Months Supply + Free Shampoo & Conditioner
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Product Description

Nourkrin Woman (Formally Extra Strength) Hair Recovery Programme 180 Tablets + Free Shampoo & Conditioner (One of Each) 

Nourkrin offer the complete Hair Recovery Programme to reduce hairloss and promote existing hair growth.

Nourkrin is a unique protein, mineral and food supplement that is suitable for both women and men. It contains marine extracts, active proteins, silica and vitamin C, and is produced under pharmaceutical control.

The most popular and successful Hair Nutrition Programme has been further improved and redesigned. Users will benefit from the new, easy to swallow, low odour, coated tablets, and among many detailed improvements to the formula is that it now contains not one but two sources of natural Silica and lgG which improves the environment in the digestive system, allowing for increased absorption.

DermaNova Nourkrin is taken by people of all nationalities and ages to help conditions associated with thinning hair. It is recommended by practitioners, pharmacists, salon experts and other professionals.

Nourkrin can help you...
Nourkrin is suitable for both men and women, and in a survey of UK users 75% reported hair recovery. Nourkrin feeds the hair follicles and helps achieve normal, healthy hair growth.

Additional benefits:
Additional benefits may be felt in terms of improved skin conditions and stronger nails.

The Stages of Hair Recovery:
Nourkrin Extra Strength works in 4 stages over a 6-month period:
In the first two months it slows down and reduces thinning hair.

During month two and three it strengthens and promotes the growth of existing hair.

In month three and four it promotes the growth of dormant hairs which are thin and wispy at first.

In the final two months these hairs become stronger, healthier and more vibrant.
After six months on Nourkrin Extra Strength and you are satisfied with the results you have achieved, we recommend Nourkrin Maintain.
2 tablets per day for a maximum of 6 months. Ideally, one in the morning and one in the evening with food or water.

Ingredients: (Amount per serving) Mariles® (extract protein of marine origin)600mg • Acerola Cherry Extract (vitamin C) 60mg • Silica Kieselguhr 60mg • Horsetail Extract 50mg • Dicalcium Phosphate • Immunoglobulin G 2mg (IgG protein) • Microcrystallinecellulose • Magnesium Stearate • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose • Fatty Acids • Flavour.

You may also like to try Nourkrin Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Lotion.

Clinical tests support Nourkrin, 92% success and that's official, Clinically proven in placebo, double blind studies 

  • A significant decrease of thinning hair
  • After two months of treatment, the thinning hair had stopped in all subjects.
  • 92% of subjects suffering from a specific type of thinning hair saw the same improvement -after 4 months of the treatment.
  • 9 out of 10 women taking Nourkrin reported an improvement.
  • 85% of all subjects suffering from thinning hair were completely cured with another 10% of subjects showing partial regrowth of hair.
  • A survey amongst Nourkrin customers was conducted which also shows a high satisfaction with the product and positive results. 83% of Nourkrin users saw an improvement after using Nourkrin.

Nourkrin in the press

"Pill that can reverse women's hairloss"
The Daily Mail

"I have seen some impressive results for thinning hair with Nourkrin."
"This has undergone clinical testing and over a period of six months has been shown to have good effects on hair gain."
Style Magazine

"Nourkrin achieved s rating of 5/5"
European Cosmetic Journal

"Hair colour queen Jo Hansford says that after years of searching, the best hair supplement she has come across is Nourkrin"
Cosmopolitan MagazineNourkrin Conditioner:
Nourkrin Conditioner has been scientifically formulated for those concerned with thinning hair.

It provides gentle nourishment and makes the hair soft and easy to comb, helping to provide the ideal environment for the recovery of healthy hair.

Nourkrin Conditioner is effective for both men and women.

Nourkrin Shampoo
Nourkrin is a natural food supplement. It contains a protein of marine extracts, including the cartilage of deep sea fish, with other minerals and vitamins. The key ingredient is the marine cartillage, which contains glucosamine, a naturally occurring supplement which stimulates the growth of new hair.

Nourkrin Shampoo and Scalp Cleanser has been scientifically formulated for those concerned with thinning hair.

It provides a gentle yet thorough cleanser for the hairs and scalp, helping to provide the ideal environment for the growth of healthy hair. Furthermore, a pH of 5.5 helps to protect the condition of both.

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Warning: Always read the label and keep out of reach of children.

Any Product sold or supplied by Bodywiseuk.com are not intended for the treatment, prevention and cure of any medical conditions.
Never exceed recommended intake unless professionally advised.

Buy Nourkrin Woman Hair Recovery Programme 3 Months Supply + Free Shampoo & Conditioner from bodywise