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BioHealth Lowater Traditional Herbal Remedy
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Product Description

Bio Health Lowater - Water Retention Remedy - 100 tablets

Many women find at certain times in life or perhaps with each monthly cycle they retain fluid in the body. Puffy fingers, ankles and eyes are the usual signs of water retention, but for many women bloating in the abdomen causes the most discomfort due to fluid accumulation. Each of the chosen herbs in Lowater will help to normalise the imbalance of fluid in the body and restore its normal function of elimination.

The herbs used in Lowater; Buchu, Uva Ursi, Dandelion Root, Parsley Piert and Cayenne, each have a particular reason for being in the formulation. Each herb will have a diuretic action whilst bringing its own particular benefit to be effective in maintaining body fluids.

Lowater is ideally suited for women to assist in maintaining healthy fluid balance and relieving puffiness due to water retention.


Dandelion has been used for hundreds of years to treat liver, gallbladder, kidney, and joint problems. As is the case today, dandelion has also been used historically to treat water retention.

Active compounds

The primary constituents responsible for dandelion’s action on the digestive system and liver are the bitter principles. Dandelion is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

An animal study found that the leaves possess diuretic effects comparable to prescription diuretics. The bitter compounds in the leaves may help stimulate digestion and are mild laxatives.

Bio Health products are totally additive-free supplements of medicinal quality and are totally free also from ingredients that have been genetically modified.

The herbal ingredients are from organic, wild crafted (non-threatened species) or cultivated plants and conform to accepted scientific standards, British Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia and British Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

Warning: Always read the label and keep out of reach of children.

Any Product sold or supplied by Bodywiseuk.com are not intended for the treatment, prevention and cure of any medical conditions.
Never exceed recommended intake unless professionally advised.

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