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HomeSwedish Massage

The word massage derives from the Arabic ' mass' or 'mash' meaning to press softly. As an art it must be about as old as man himself because to hold or rub an injured part is an instinctive reaction to the pain involved. Its origins are china 5,000yrs ago as did the Hindus, the Japanese and the ancient Egyptians.


Swedish massage may be defined as the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes.


The first session involves taking a full medical history allow one and a half hrs . Follow on sessions 1 hour for full body or half an hour for back massage.

Massage has both a physiological and psychological effect. There are six basic movements, Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Kneading, Hacking, Cupping. The various movements massage exerts either individually or in combination, affects the skin, muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic's, nerves. Slow gentle effleurage has a soothing and relaxing effect, releasing endorphins ( the body's natural painkiller). The pressure movements result in speeding up of the body's physiology, elimination of waste products from deep tissue and enhancing muscle tone.


  • Helps tension ease out of muscles
  • Anxiety
  • Improve circulation
  • Lymphatics
  • Breathing and digestion improve
  • Relieves fatigue


  • Thrombosis
  • Ulcerative legs
  • Vein inflammation
  • During the first three months of pregnancy
  • Contagious or infectious skin conditions